Features and the Installation Procedure Associated with whatsapp for android

There can be least denying the fact that the advent of whatsapp for android has made our modern life a lot easier. There are a number of features that make this particular application grow in reputation. A few of the unique features that you can always associate with this application includes easy usability, easily chargeable and chat sharing facility as well. The fact that users can send audio messages and images in an automatic manner is indeed encouraging. This specific type of application is compatible with iOS, BlackBerry as well as Android.

How to install whatsapp for android

The first step that you need to follow is to maintain an apposite restriction as to whether the device supports the application in an appropriate manner. You can always access an online APK store in order to lay your hands on the latest version of Whatsapp. It is necessary to download the device on your system and maintain a distinct file for APKs. Maintaining a separate file for APKs facilitates the process of easy identification. It is necessary to disconnect the connection and paste the downloaded version of the APK file. After you have successfully downloaded the APK file, it is obligatory to access file manager on your Android device. You are supposed to give the permission when splash screen asks for the same. It is necessary to click on done in order to exit the process of installation. It is necessary to repeat the process if the application fails to complete the application process.

Ensure Appropriate Verification

In order to set up the Whatapp application on your device, you must accept the terms and conditions displayed. You must ensure to add the mobile number that is not linked. The mobile number that you provide will be confirmed by the application. A verification message will be sent via SMS. You need to wait for a certain interval in order to ensure that the verification process completes. The application will enable the services on your device once you enter the six digit verification code. You can expect to gain information about the number of days that the services are available for. It is necessary to click on the option that says "Continue". You can expect to move on to the chats page once you have clicked on "continue". You can experience the pleasure of messaging as soon as you have completed the above-mentioned steps.

The free version of whatsapp for android application proves to be extremely useful. There can be least denying the verity that it presents the ultimate solution in order to ensure the exchange of messages in an appropriate manner. It facilitates the exchange of messages with your close associates. It is indeed an encouraging aspect that there is hardly any need to make payments for the SMS. The Whatsapp for Android application holds the potential to create new contacts depending on the phone number that you necessarily provide. The Whatsapp makes use of the existing internet plan in order to ensure file sharing and message receiving as well. This type of application will surely gain in significance in coming years.