How to Use Voice Message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a revolutionary application that has enabled on-the-go communication across platforms. The app uses the internet or Wi-Fi connection to transmit and receive messages, text and voice, in addition to videos, pictures and images. The best thing about using WhatsApp is that users need not pay anything extra to send the messages.

Voice messaging is a great feature provided by WhatsApp. It allows users to communicate through audio messages and these can be relayed not only to a single person but to an entire group as well. the messaging can be used to deliver important messages. Moreover, those users that find typing a tedious job can use the voice messaging service of WhatsApp to keep in touch with their friends and family. Here is how voices messages can be sent and received on WhatsApp:

Sending a Voice Message

To send a voice message, you simply need to hold on the microphone button instead of the send button. This button appears in the text input bar. The phone then prompts you to record your message. You can then send your voice message. When the recipient hears the voice message, the color of the microphone icon will turn blue

If during the process of recording, you wish to cancel the message, then you may simply slide the moving slider to the left. This would terminate the recording.

Receiving a Voice Message

If you have received a voice message and you wish to listen to it, then you must click the play button. You can hold the phone near your ear to hear the message. If you have headphones plugged in, you can hear the message through the headphones. Once you have listened to the audio message, the color of the microphone icon would turn blue but it will remain green till the time it is not heard.